Key figures


Number of registered charities: 18,000


Total income to charities: €4.3 billion


Largest subsectors, by cause:
• churches and religion (€968 million)
• social and community (€617 million)
• sport and recreation (€569 million)
• international development (€520 million)
• healthcare (€463 million)
• environment (€360 million)
• culture (€352 million)
• education and research (€231 million)


44.6% of the population volunteers at least once a week.



Individual giving


The average Dutch household donated €270 to charity in 2007, with total household donations at €1,945 million.


The most popular causes are :
• international aid
• welfare
• environment 
• health.


The most common methods of giving are:
• collections
• direct mail
• face-to-face
• membership
• legacies




In 2008, charities received less support from industries and legacies, largely as a result of the economic downturn. It is expected that demand for services will continue to increase, with a parallel decrease in income. Decreases in income are expected to continue over the next 3 years.


(Giving in the Netherlands 2007)


Further information


• Nederlands Genootschap van Fondsenwervers (Dutch Fundraising Association)
• VFI brancheorganisatie van goede doelen (umbrella organisation of charitable organisations)