Key figures


Number of registered associations: 58,237 (excluding volunteer fire brigades)


Number of registered foundations: 9,106


25-40% of registered organisations are non-active and do not provide any services.


Number of people employed in the voluntary sector: 120,000 (equivalent to 65,000 full-time jobs)
26% of organisations have paid staff.



Individual giving


Most popular causes:
• children (88% of the population)
• poverty (39%)
• disability (34%)
• hospices (32%)
• animals (17%)
• hunger (16%)
• hospitals (16%)


Most popular method of giving:
• cash/collection box (91% of the population)
• SMS (45%)
• trading (22%)
• 1% income tax transfer (not a donation) (21%)
• bank/post office transfers (7%)
• raffle/auction (4%)
• charity paid phone lines (3%)
• online (2%)
• membership fees (1%)


In 2008, it was estimated that 28.6% of adults in Poland donated to charity in a typical month, with an average amount of 50 zloty donated by each individual.





Although there has been little research on the effect of the recession on fundraising organisations, estimates suggest that there has been little or no impact on individual giving, although there are some indications that corporate donations are on the decline.


There are still very few professional fundraisers in Poland but their number is growing.  Concurrently, the number of volunteers involved in fundraising is thought to be declining.



Further information


• Polskie Stowarzyszenie Fundraisingu (Polish Fundraising Association)