Key figures
All figures are from Scandinavian Fundraising Survey 2009.
Total number of member organisations of the Norwegian Fundraising Council: 49
Total private income to Norwegian Fundraising Council members: 3.02 billion NOK
Private income
Total number of donors: 1.3 million
Total private income: 3.2 billion NOK
The most popular causes are:
• international aid (70%)
• health/health research (16%)
• religion (10%)
• social services (2.4%)
• environment (1.4%).
Monthly giving by direct debit and online giving are particular popular methods of giving, with more than 50% of organisations also using telemarketing and trading to raise income.
Public income
In Norway public income represents between 50-100% of many member organisation´s income. The vast majority of public funding is received by the international aid organisations.
Research into the effect of the recession showed that only 20% of Norwegian fundraising organisations expected the economic downturn to have a negative effect on their fundraising in 2009, with 45% expecting to increase their fundraised income during the year.
In terms of trends over the next 5 years, corporate and online fundraising together with direct mail, are predicted to provide an increasing proportion of fundraised income. However, charity shops and telemarketing are not expected to play such a prominent role.
Norway do not have any regulations regarding who is allowed to collect money and to what cause.
The laws that regulate fundraising are The Personal Data Act, The Marketing Control Act, The Act Regarding Registration of Fundraising Activites and The Lottery Act.
Tax relief
Private donations between NOK 500-12 000 allows tax reduction for the donator.
Own regulations for donations used in research.
Further information
• Norges Innsamlingsråd (Norwegian Fundraising Council)