Key figures


Employees in fundraising organisations: 18.5% of the total population (2006)


Number of corporate donors: 45,235


Total value of corporate donations: €291,340


(Osservatorio Delle Donazioni Private:


Individual giving


52% of the population donate – 33% of the population (16 million people) are regular donors and 19% are occassional donors.  The majority of regular donors give at a relatively low level, with only 1% giving more than €100.


As may be expected, the majority of regular donors prefer to give through a standing order, while 40% of occassional donors prefer to make cash donations.  17% of occassional donors donate by text message.


(Sostenitori Fedeli E Donazioni Occasionali, GfK-Eurisko, November 2008)


The most popular cause to support is that of scientific research, attracting 14% of donations, while organisations focussing on humanitarian emergencies and fighting poverty each account for 8% of donations.


(Gli Italiani e le Donazioni, Osservatorio Sinottica Eurisko, 2007)





The recession does not appear to have had a significant impact across all fundraising organisations, with two thirds of organisations not changing their income and expenditure plans despite changes in the economy. Two thirds of organisations, however, have opted to improve internal systems such as through strengthening managerial processes and improving communications.



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