Key figures


Fundraised income represents approximately 23% of fundraising organisations’ income.


Of the larger organisations, the most common causes are:
• health
• international development
• religion


One-off cash donations are the most prevalent form of giving.




A report published in May 2009 showed that 70% of fundraising organisations had experienced a decrease in their total incomeover the previous year. 23% of these organisations experienced a decline of more than 15%. In fact, 85% of fundraising organisations report that they feel threatened by the economic downturn, as demand for services increases and funding becomes more difficult to obtain.


62% of fundraising organisations are looking for new financing options to alleviate the reduction in state, corporate and individual funding, with almost half of all organisations reducing funding targets.


Despite the downturn, the majority of organisations did not (and did not expect to ) have to cancel events as a result of decreased numbers, while more than a fifth had actually increased their fundraising expenditure.


(Charitable Fundraising in an Economic Downturn: The first annual report on income and fundraising activity in Irish charities, Centre for Non-profit Management, Trinity College, Dublin, 2009)

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