Key figures


Number of charities: more than 1 million

Income from companies: €2.5 billion


Individual income


Income from individuals: €2.5 billion


Income from individuals represents approximately 5% of charities’ total income. The most popular fundraising mechanisms for charities are direct mail and legacies while major donor income is of primary importance for higher education and research institutions.


Tax relief


France has one of the best tax relief systems in the world in terms of benefits for individual and corporate donors. The ‘Loi’ TEPA has improved the attractiveness of giving for higher rate donors.




Although differences are apparent between the types of fundraising that are most popular for different subsectors, corporate fundraising remains a substantial income stream across the board.


56% of the population are believed to donate and since 2007 the number of regular donors has increased by 2%.  However, in April 2009, the total figure dropped by 3%.


In terms of fundraised income, donations to bigger charities has increased by 6.3% since 2007.


Despite the recession, 73% of charities expect their budgets to remain stable, while only 14% anticipate a decrease. 


(Fondation de France, dossier 30/05/08, Baromètre de la générosité en Franceand Le mécénat à la crise!)


Further information


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