Number of non-profit organizations registered in Finland: 130,000

Registered organisations can apply for the licence to request for donations and appeal to public. The authority received annually about 800 applications before the new fundraising law took effect in 2006. The number of applications was 579 in 2008. In Finland, donors cannot deduct the value of donations from their tax liability (exception the donations to science and culture).

Individual giving


Individual giving represented approximately 118 MEUR. TOP 20 charity organisations raised about 70 % of the total income. The average percent of fundraising costs was 19%.

Notice: Organisations’ reports of income from individuals do not include income like membership fees, bequests, anniversary gifts, merchandising income.


(Statistics from 2006 Ministry of the Interior / Police organization:


Other income sources


Many organisations receive financial support from various governmental sources: Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Ministry of Education and Culture. In addition the organisations are supported by different trusts and foundations and they co-operate with corporations.


Specially the organisations which promote the Finnish welfare also sell their services and products to municipalities and directly to public.


Further information


Finnish Fundraising Association – Vastuullinen Lahjoittaminen ry: (in Finnish)